Designing email campaigns that are unique for your business

Email marketing is still one of the best tools for communicating with your customer base and leads. We craft email campaigns that are both eye-catching and personalized, while remaining on target ensuring the best results for conversion rates

through email marketing strategies, WE can achieve amazing results for your business by delivering relevant content to your customers at the right time. 

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Why You Need Email Marketing Services

A marketing strategy is a key part of every business, however an marketing plan consisting emails can make a major difference. There are over 200 billion emails being sent out daily. The question then is, are you doing everything possible to make your business stand out in the crowd?

Ultimately sales is the core focus of our marketing strategies, however we create multiple email styles to garner the best  possible outcomes. This allows us to showcase as well, what makes your business stand out from among the competition.

Our aim through email marketing is to establish and maintain loyal customers by staying in touch with your subscribers on a consistent basis so they never lose sight of your business. 

Our Process

Strategic Planning

SocialWE does the requisite research to know your customers and how we can filter your customers for the most effective campaigns. WE design the tone of voice needed and deliver automated triggers to get your potential customers along the path to being buyers.

UNIQUE Designs

SocialWE fashions each email to zero in on specific demographics for mobile and desktop devices. WE verify that all communication,  depicts your brand in every component of the email and landing page.


SocialWE campaigns are built through customized material and A/B testing to generate the best results. WE build our emails by utilizing subscriber data, making emails much more personal and pertinent. the goal being to establish trust and loyalty to your business.


SocialWE increases success by creating customer groups based on their interests or activities. Information gathered helps our team to design highly relevant and timely emails.


After establishing your customers personas, SocialWE automate campaigns to send the appropriate material at the right time, growing prospects over an established period.

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