Which Is The Best Social Media Platform For Your Business

Updated: Aug 28, 2020

When it comes to finding the most effective social media platform for you business, there is no one size fits all formula and in the world of digital marketing one thing is for sure, business owners need to market themselves. The question then is how to choose what is right for you? Here is a guide on some of the most useful options.


Facebook has more than 1 billion active users on their platform per day, making it one of the biggest social media players globally. So no one should find it hard to believe that it is one of the best ways to find your target market, establishing an email list and acquiring new customers. Needless to say there is a lot more to Facebook than just that...

It provides a unique opportunity to link with your new and existing customers. It allows businesses to establish private groups on the site, allowing for customers to join, ask questions and have a more individualized experience with your brand or service.

Thou Facebook has seen some reduction in its overall user numbers over a period of time, it is still undoubtedly one of the best social media channels for small business owners in 2020.

Facebook offers paid ad options to businesses and Though paid ads can become burdensome to mange and costly, its still very much discretionary. Having an active account where your customer base can maintain a relationship with the business is the best practice to follow for your business,

SocialWe Solutions has helped small businesses in Jamaica and the Caribbean with their social media management projects to establish themselves on Facebook by creating unique campaigns and promotions to help grow and maintain their following.


Fundamentally Instagram is all about posting photos and connecting with people, but during it growth as a platform it has introduced several new features such as “stories.” This feature gives small businesses the opportunity to accurately show (rather than tell) their products, worth, and views.

It goes without saying then, that Instagram's platform is a great source for generating leads for your business.

Instagram is especially popular among younger people and those who enjoy shopping from their mobile. Additionally with Instagram's "check out" feature, your customers can look at your merchandise images and buy what they want directly from their Instagram account.

If you choose to use Instagram as a social media platform for your business, be sure to do your research and be certain that your target group is actually using Instagram. keep you audience engaged by consistent with your posting and make your photos captivating and applicable to your business.


Twitter is a text based social media platform that brilliantly gives everybody their own voice, while controlling the noise by limiting the number of characters each user can post. There are opportunities for monetizing this platform but this is best accomplished by making your business stand out and apart from your competitors, consistently interacting with your customers and adding value rich content with your posts.

When it comes to social media marketing, Twitter can be a powerful tool for building brand awareness and establishing direct links with other customers and industry influencers. It's important to note that Twitter requires its own marketing plan of action, which requires several tweets per day.


Despite the growing competition out there, (Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok), YouTube is best known as the channel for disseminating information via video. Boasting over 2 billion monthly users it is a place where everyone goes not only to be entertained but to be educated on new things.

This is why it is an amazing resource for businesses.

You can create a video channel and establish authority with your users in a way that no other platform can offer. You can make tutorials, visually show product descriptions, or give personal behind the scenes tours to your viewers. It is important to make sure that your videos are optimized for YouTube, so they get seen. YouTube is also great for growing email lists for your business.

YouTube is great option for business in 2020 and beyond. It will take time to learn how to film and edit videos that are up to par with what your customers expect, however the good news it doesn't require a big movie budget. These days most smartphones come equipped with software that make recording high-quality videos possible.

Optimize your titles and descriptions for YouTube SEO to get the best results in terms of reach and views.


This channel is more popularly known as the social media platform for professionals, completely changing the way we seek, locate, and get recruited for jobs. One thing that stands out for LinkedIn is that it is best for finding new business partners than new customers.

LinkedIn doesn't attract people seeking entertainment or online shopping. The people who visit LinkedIn tend to go to this platform to learn more about their industry, learn more about their professional counterparts, and look for new job openings. LinkedIn business page, fundamentally caters to personal use and growing your business connections.

So, which is the best social media platform for business in 2020?

There really is no perfect answer for this question. It comes down to what your targeted market is, your merchandise, and how much effort is invested into your social media marketing action plan...

It is highly recommended that most businesses should have an active Facebook and Twitter account to start with and in addition each employee should have a personal LinkedIn account that represents the company.

At the end of the day its important for business owners to remember that they don't own their followers or their profile information and if for some unforeseen reason they loose access to their accounts all that information for their customers would be gone.

That why it is important for every business to include, as part of their overall social media marketing strategy, growing their email list. The difference being that you own every single lead on your email list! and with a targeted email marketing campaign, your business will certainly increase its bottom line.

Don’t have an email marketing service yet? No problem. SocialWe Solutions can help, our expert team will work with your business to establish a campaign that is uniquely tailored toward your goals.

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